The BLACC Company, LLC

Organize your creative pursuits with BLACC.

Our goal is to eliminate the need for permission, control our own narratives, and own our work. We exist to stand at the intersection of balance and ease for a marginalized community of creators seeking guidance in their creative careers while working with partners who want to alleviate that pain by sharing resources.

Raising Round Community Art SaaS

Active Founders

Troy Pryor


A Chicago native, Troy is an advocate for connecting local, undiscovered diverse talent to mainstream content and media platforms through his production network, Creative Cypher.

Rachel Gadson


Born and raised in Chicago, a combination of love for the creative arts industry, and a keen desire to empower creatives (specifically creatives of color) shapes the trajectory of Rachel's career. Through her company ILA Creative Studio, she remains consistent in her purpose of elevating and celebrating Black artistry.